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Company Background

Saddle Sojourns was established in 2000 when three women from very different backgrounds came together to create a fresh approach to leadership development, team effectiveness and personal growth. Drawing from their extensive experiences in the academic, equestrian, and business consulting arenas, the three founders are united by their passion for designing experiences that foster personal and professional excellence.

In addition to the much reported leadership crisis in America today, organizations are increasingly valuing the needs and well being of their people. Organizations currently spend $56.8 billion annually on employer sponsored training, $7 billion of which is spent on seminars and conferences. This represents a 59% increase over the last three years. To supplement classroom training, organizations have looked for adventure experiences to further develop their executives, managers and teams. The most common options to-date have been ropes courses, rock climbing and river rafting. Responding to this growth in training needs, Saddle Sojourns offers a program well grounded in theory but applying cutting-edge experiential training techniques and most importantly, adding equine partners to the equation.

Saddle Sojourns' mission is to help people and organizations reach their potential for greatness. We are dedicated to enhancing leadership and team performance for better business results. Our programs are geared for both the corporate training marketplace, as well as individuals seeking a personal development experience. Public enrollment workshops are held several times a quarter and corporate training is scheduled as needed. Saddle Sojourns currently offers four workshop programs:

Unbridling Leadership Potential:
For those looking to enhance their leadership skills and personal effectiveness. This workshop concentrates on increasing self-awareness, awareness of others, fine-tuning communication and decision making skills and stretching potential to its limits.

Effectiveness Training:
For teams in all stages of development. This workshop gives participants a deeper understanding of themselves, their team potential and each other.

Women's Leadership Retreat:
For women interested in increasing self-awareness and their capacity for professional and personal development. Participants learn how to overcome fear, challenge self-imposed limits and stretch themselves to their full potential.

Distance Riding Workshop:
This workshop is for riders with some experience in distance riding wishing to improve their results. Proven equine training methods can help develop your horse's performance while opportunities to develop personal insight improve your effectiveness.

Workshops are held at the historic Warner Springs Ranch resort in east San Diego County. Located in the rolling foothills of Palomar Mountain, Warner Springs Ranch was founded in 1844 by John Warner who recognized the area for its natural hot springs. Converted into a private resort in 1984, the 2,500-acre ranch has 250 spacious casitas, a spa, and three oversized pools, including a 200,000-gallon natural hot mineral water pool, and is adjacent to the 24,000-acre Cleveland National Forest. Warner Springs Ranch is located approximately 90 miles from the San Diego airport or about 1-½ hours driving time.

Leveraging the benefits of outdoor experiential programs with the sure knowledge that some of their best teachers have been horses, the founders have created an organization that capitalizes on their strengths and experiences in a new and exciting way. Saddle Sojourns was featured in the September 2001 issue of Riding Magazine and the October 27, 2001 issue of the San Diego Union Tribune.

Saddle Sojourns invites you to be a rider… not a passenger.



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