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"I used the time on the trail to develop deeper insights about myself and interactions with others. The experience was reflective and revealing, as my horse became my partner in personal growth. I highly recommend this adventure to anyone who wants to be more in tune with their own rhythm in the world."
Ann Feyerherm, Feyerherm & Associates

"My encounter with the Saddle Sojourns workshop was simply a unique experience that helped me gain insight to team building concepts through equestrian techniques. Team building and team effectiveness is an important element in the business world. The concept of pairing horses with humans proved to be an invaluable and everlasting tool. The challenge of accomplishing a common goal with other team members using our new four-legged friends created an exciting lesson plan! The program and leadership guidance conducted by Terri, Ivy and Heidi was expertly executed. These three highly accredited women have the ability to help individuals improve personal awareness and companies to enhance their team's performance. After my saddle encounter I have been highly recommending these workshops to my commercial clients and peers."
Ellen Massena, VP/Relationship Manager, Union Bank of California

"Personal growth work is challenging - it takes courage and desire to be introspective, to be vulnerable, and to move into changing how one perceives life. Saddle Sojourns is a great experiential retreat process, facilitated by two very capable and talented women, in the midst of gentle mountains with beautiful horses. These elements support an individual to get "out-of-the box" to share, reflect, laugh, cry, and regenerate. The metaphors for learning are endless...for teams, for individuals, for organizations!"
Suzanne Lahl, Transformation Consultant

"I had the wonderful opportunity to experience the Saddle Sojourns program. The program is a one of a kind experience that takes you beyond Outward Bound using horses as a learning tool. Saddle Sojourns gives you the opportunity to not only build team skills, but to develop a greater understanding of your own personality using testing tools that are the best I have ever seen. Their staff are skillful and knowledgeable in all aspects of team dynamics. It was a valuable experience I would recommend to anyone."
Carole Fish, A Fundraiser with Children's Hospital San Diego

"My saddle sojourn was an amazingly unique and enlightening personal development experience. Not only were the horses a wonderful metaphor for the leader / follower relationship, but they also made learning a lot of fun! No doubt this experience will stay with me forever."
Belinda Ransom, Human Resources, Honeywell Engines & Systems

"I highly recommend this training to organizations interested in improving team performance. The facilitators provide exercises, both on and off horseback, which enhances communication and creates opportunities for deeper awareness of yourself and teammates. The leadership skills I learned at Saddle Sojourns have been immediately useful in my work."
Charlie Zieky, President, GLT Wealth Advisors

"At age 57 and more than a few pounds overweight, I had just recovered from some physical problems that had prevented me from doing any exercise for 4 years. I had not ridden in 20 years when I met Heidi who became my endurance coach. Two years later I completed a 50 mile ride. My life has changed for the better and I love the challenge."
Kathy Bishop

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