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Why Horses?

The days of viewing the environment as an object to be conquered are gone. Rather than challenging rivers or rocks, we invite you to enter into a partnership with a living, fast moving, energetic, strong and powerful force. Like today's turbulent environment horses can be dangerous if misread, or handled poorly. They can also respond to your focus and slightest suggestion. Horses have been some of our greatest teachers; we invite you to make them yours.

The relationship between horse and rider is built on trust and communication. Teaming humans with horses levels the playing field, encouraging participants to experience, exercise, and think about Power, Influence, and Leadership in a different way - not as an individual act, but as a collaborative team dynamic that will move not only horse and rider forward, but also an organization and its people.  


  • Organizations seeking a leadership development program for senior and mid-level managers.
  • Leaders and senior managers looking to build and maximize team collaboration, purpose and performance.
  • Individuals wishing to enhance their professional and personal effectiveness through increased self awareness and strategic thinking.  

Saddle Sojourn programs are designed to accommodate all levels of horsemanship - from the skilled rider to those who have never sat in a saddle.

Saddle Sojourns offers flexible-design workshops tailored to meet the specific needs, objectives and focus of each client group in the areas of leadership development, team building and personal effectiveness.

Workshops can be designed for 1, 2 or 3 days. Saddle Sojourns can accommodate teams of up to 24 people, or up to 12 individual participants.


Saddle Sojourns Workshops are located in North San Diego County approximately 45 miles from the San Diego airport. Participants can select from a variety of lodging options ranging from the privacy of a small country inn to full service resort accomodations.

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