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Team Effectiveness - training workshop
Unbridling Leadership Potential and Personal Effectiveness - training workshop
Women's Leadership Retreat - training workshop
The Inner Game of Endurance Riding - training workshop
EquiOrienteering -Team Building Adventures on Horseback

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EquiOrienteering- Team Building Adventures on Horseback

Equine partners in training workshopsHIGHLIGHTS: EquiOrienteering enhances individual and team excellence through real-time problem solving in an uncertain environment. Our workshops combine elements of traditional orienteering - cross country navigation using a map and compass - with the excitement and challenge of working with horses. Riding on one of the best trail systems in San Diego, participants must create strategies, manage their resources and make time sensitive decisions in order to locate specific points in the landscape.

On-going feedback from their horse and human partners, and focused debriefs led by skilled facilitators leverage real-time learning. Participants will develop and refine skills in open and clear communication, building trust, resolving conf lict, and identifying and integrating individual strengths for team success.

Our courses are designed in consultation with nationally and internationally recognized orienteering champion Bill Gookin.

TARGET AUDIENCE: This course is designed for teams and groups of individuals seeking a developmental experience.


  • Improve communication and team performance
  • Renew commitment to team and individual excellence
  • Restore shared vision, values and goals
  • Build climate for collaboration and healthy challenge
  • Increase commitment to team learning
  • Expand capacity for resilience and risk-taking

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