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Team Effectiveness - training workshop
Unbridling Leadership Potential and Personal Effectiveness - training workshop
Women's Leadership Retreat - training workshop
The Inner Game of Endurance Riding - training workshop
Six-Day Camp Intensive - training workshop

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The Inner Game of Endurance Riding

HIGHLIGHTS: Combine your love of horses and the sport of long-distance riding with an opportunity for personal development and expert coaching. Heidi Helly, a frequent 50-mile top-tenner, provides on the trail coaching and shares her success strategies.
Whether you are looking to complete a ride with your favorite horse or finish in the top 10, we can provide the expertise and information to improve your results. Endurance riding requires both physical and mental toughness. Proven equine training methods can help develop your horse's performance while opportunities to develop personal insight can improve your effectiveness. Off-trail sessions and exercises provide time to enhance your visioning, personal effectiveness and winning strategies on and off horseback.
Experienced endurance horses are available or you may bring and ride your own future champion.
TARGET AUDIENCE:  This course is designed for riders with at least basic riding skills who are interested in the sport of endurance riding.

  • Improve your riding skills
  • Deepen communication with your horse
  • Think strategically about endurance riding
  • Increase your understanding of the mental and physical requirements of the sport
  • Develop a winner's mindset

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