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Team Effectiveness - training workshop
Unbridling Leadership Potential and Personal Effectiveness - training workshop
Women's Leadership Retreat - training workshop
The Inner Game of Endurance Riding - training workshop
Six-Day Camp Intensive - training workshop

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Women's Leadership Retreat

HIGHLIGHTS: Discover a deeper wisdom in relating to yourself and others in the company of those who know what it means to be a woman and a leader. Find out what it means to overcome your fears by engaging with a force ten times your own strength. Experience the exhilaration and sense of accomplishment that accompanies stretching your limits. Challenge self-imposed limitations and engage your compassion, courage, caring, competence and commitment through a series of horseback riding activities and classroom exercises.
Classroom sessions provide you with behavioral models that transfer to your personal and organizational context. Horseback sessions build skills in open communication, trust, decision-making, risk-taking and resilience. All participants complete and work with a leadership assessment which is used for coaching sessions and provides insight into your leadership style.
TARGET AUDIENCE:  Women interested in increasing self-awareness and their capacity for professional and personal development in the company of other women.

  • Build self-awareness and the will to go beyond self-imposed limitations
  • Discover courage to overcome unreasonable fears
  • Build relationships with women leaders committed to personal effectiveness
  • Increase tolerance for risk
  • Deepen understanding of one's own strengths
  • Enhance awareness of emotional intelligence
  • Increase capacity for strategic thinking
  • Transfer learning into action
  • Increase the inner reserve to thrive under difficult circumstances

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