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Our facilitators come from diverse backgrounds, but we are all lifelong students of leadership and horsemanship. We are experienced in leading teams, executive coaching, organization development, and designing and delivering impactful learning programs.

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Our Team: Testimonials

I highly recommend this training to organizations interested in improving team performance...The leadership skills I learned at Saddle Sojourns have been immediately useful in my work.

Charlie Zieky, President, GLT Wealth Advisors



Co-founder of Saddle Sojourns and the SyncUp Leadership Group, Dr. Terri Egan uses her interdisciplinary training and experience to create dynamic programs that bring out the best in individuals, inspiring them to collaborate in creative and innovative ways. She is known for her ability to translate cutting edge neuroscience into powerful and practically useful tools for leaders and organizations.

Terri is as an Associate Professor of Applied Behavioral Science at Pepperdine University and former Director of the #1 ranked Master of Science in Organization Development program. She has taught graduate and executive courses on the topics of leadership, team effectiveness, critical thinking and decision making, organizational change and development, creativity and innovation and international organization development.

Terri holds a B.S. degree in social sciences, an MBA and a PhD in organizational behavior all from the University of California, Irvine and is a guild-certified practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education.

At the age of eight, Terri began a life-long love affair with horseback riding on her uncle's cattle ranch; she enjoys the challenges of endurance riding and considers horses some of her best teachers. 



Heidi Helly, co-founder of Saddle Sojourns, first sat on a horse at her cousin’s ranch in Australia at the age of two and has been riding ever since! A national-caliber endurance rider and coach, Heidi has personally logged over 13,000 endurance miles.  

Heidi credits her partnership with a frightened and misunderstood Arabian gelding with taking her learning to a higher level. After several years of hard work, Heidi and Andreti went on to become the Regional Featherweight Endurance Champions in the Pacific Southwest Region in 2005, 2008 and 2009. She repeated this accomplishment in 2018,  with her new horse, Optimas Prime, who is also ranked nationally as one of the top horses in the country in multi-day rides of 155-250 miles.  

Heidi and her husband, Patrick, own and operate Harmony Ranch. A sought-after coach for aspiring endurance athletes, Heidi has coached many clients to victory at regional and national levels. With students ranging in age from 2 to 82, she has helped countless riders of all ages attain their goals in endurance and basic riding. Her unique style is likened to personal coaching on horseback.

A singer/songwriter/guitarist, she has performed professionally for 24 years throughout California and Texas, alongside Patrick, also a gifted musician and singer. She brings a creative spirit to all that she does.

Heidi’s desire is to help clients develop a special relationship with horses and find their own inner strength to make that partnership grow mentally and physically.

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Alisa is an organization development consultant who works with leaders and teams to successfully implement large-scale change initiatives involving people, process and technology. 

The newest member of Saddle Sojourns’ team, Alisa has 18 years’ experience as a team leader, management consultant, and organization change practitioner. Her work includes clients in high tech, electronics, manufacturing, consumer goods, healthcare, utilities, public sector, and non-profit, where she was responsible for improving organizational and human performance. She has designed leadership development programs, coached executives in change leadership and developed human resources strategies. 

She holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Psychology.

As a child, Alisa grew up on the back of other people’s horses and dreamed of one day owning her own. After nearly 40 years, that dream became a reality when she acquired Andante, a former show horse in need of a new job.  Together they have explored backcountry trails, gone camping, and participated in obstacle challenges. The opportunity to combine her passion for helping people in organizations with her passion for horses is another dream come true.

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